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ENGLISH: Testing Detech 12.5″ DD and 15″ DD “Ultimate” coils for Minelab SD, GP, GPX Series

Original article by Mirco Salmi – © 2017 Smart Metal Detecting – Published on AMDTT.IT with authorization.
(Editing and translation by Leonardo Ciocca © 2018 AMD Tech Team)

Hello my fellow detectorists! I’m here to talk about two brand new coils made by Bulgarian Detech for Minelab detectors Series SD, GP and GPX, that I will test on my Minelab GPX 4500: the 12.5” DD and the 15” DD “Ultimate”.

Before describing the coils, a short introduction about the machine I’ve used is almost mandatory. The Minelab GPX 4500 is a very sophisticated Pulse Induction metal detector, designed for gold prospecting in heavily mineralized soils. A true concentrate of Australian technology, born from the brilliant mind of physicist Bruce Candy, Minelab’s founder and Chief Designer.

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Detech Chaser: the challenge goes on…

Time is finally arrived to talk about Detech’s latest metal detector: the Chaser!

After becoming worldwide famous for their high performance coils and EDS Plus, Winner, Reacher, Gold Catcher and Relic Striker VLF analog models, the bulgarian company ran by Eng. Rumen Kanev entered the market competition of display based, digitally controlled detectors.

We were happy to receive one of the last Chaser release with firmware 1.107 (Note: when you will read this article a newest release should be installed on the machine) together with three coils: a Ultimate 9” DD, a SEF 12”x10” and the little 6”x6” sniper coil.

This is the first part of our complete review of the Detech Chaser. You will soon read a follow-on, with beach and mountain test, led by other AMD Tech Team members.

Are you curious to know more about the machine? Let’s keep reading…

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XP ADX 150: Lots of power, simplicity and lightweight… for everyone!

Spring has finally come and rainy days seem to have gave us a little peace. I was impatient to go back on the field because, as you may have read in the blog, during this period the AMD Tech Team was literally “loaded” of metal detectors to be tested and reviewed.

In between all those machines that were kindly sent to us, we had the XP ADX 150, distributed in Italy by Detector Center of Cervia. It’s the entry-level machine from the French manufacturer XP that, till now, was somehow a little bit neglected in comparison to its “major brothers” GoldMaxx, Mito, G-Maxx and, obviously, top of the line DEUS machine.

As we speak, XP brand is usually tied to its medium-high and hi-end models and it’s easy to forget their lower end products, especially the “little one” ADX 150…

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Garrett Pro-Pointer AT: A.mazing T.echnology!

As announced last week, Securitaly (one of the official Italian Garrett’s distributors), kindly sent us a sample of the new  pinpointer made by Garrett Metal Detectors: the Pro-Pointer AT.

Compared to its predecessor, named Pro-Pointer, that had an incredible best-selling success, this new model is not only different in color, with an ultravisible orange, but it also introduced new exciting features that, in my humble opinion, could not be missed in a top of the line device like this.

Being lucky enough to own, with great satisfaction, the old Pro-Pointer too, I had the chance to test the “Old” vs. the “New”.

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INTERNATIONAL: Garrett EuroACE VS Garrett ACE 250… The Final Battle!

Since a while I was thinking about a comparison test with entry-level detectors that could be useful to beginner treasure hunters and, why not, even seasoned ones.

The Garrett ACE 250, a true worldwide best seller!

If we stop for a while to meditate on that, it will seem obvious to everyone that people who need more detailed, coherent, solid and possibly unbiased information are beginner metal detectorists. Now, if you think about the kind of detector that 99% of beginners start using, you will naturally point out entry-level or medium-low level machines. For many years Garrett was almost the undisputed leader of this market sector, at least in Italy, with its Garrett ACE 250. If we could ask to 100 Italian hunters which was their first detector, I firmly believe that at least 80 of them will reply “GARRETT ACE 250!” Continue Reading