flag_american_englishHere’s the complete list of our articles that I’ve also translated in English language.

Hope you’ll appreciate and also will forgive all my language mistakes!

Director AMDTT

Metal Detectors Tests:
QUEST Q20 and Q40: the “Secret” Features…


Detech Chaser  
XP ADX 150
Garrett Pro-Pointer AT  
Detech Relic Striker  
Nexus Credo DDM  
Detech Winner  
Garrett AT PRO  
Garrett EuroACE VS Garrett ACE 250  
Coil Tests:  
Detech 12.5″ DD and 15″ DD Ultimate for Minelab SD, GP, GPX Series NEW!  
XP 9″ HF coil/detector NEW!   
Detech Ultimate 13″ DD for Garrett AT PRO/MAX  
New 11″ DD Coil for XP DEUS  
Detech SEF 12″x10″ for White’s Spectra V3/V3i/VX3  
Audio interview of “King” George Wyant and Tim “Ringmaster” Saylor  (Stars of THE DIGGERS”)   
Robert Podhrasky (Chief Designer GARRETT ELECTRONICS – Video Interview)  
Georgi Chausev (CEO and Chief Designer NEXUS METAL DETECTORS)  
Alain Loubet (CEO and Chief Designer XP DETECTORS)
Carl Moreland (Former Engineering Manager WHITE’S ELECTRONICS – Now in Texas First)  
Steve Moore (Marketing Communications Manager GARRETT ELECTRONICS)
Eng. Rumen Kanev (CEO and Chief Engineer DETECH LTD)  
George Overton and Carl Moreland (Authors of the book “INSIDE THE METAL DETECTOR”)
Tech Lab Experimental Studies:
Target Image Analysis using the White’s Spectra SCAN feature  
The XP DEUS Handbook by Andy Sabisch  
Mods & Tweaks:  
E^5Booster, enhance your pinpointer performances with a simple click!  


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